Monday, October 11, 2010

My CWG Experience

Yesterday, I went to JLN Stadium to watch athletics. First time in my life, I watched sports live in a stadium. I am not going to write that I have to walk 5-6 Km to get inside the stadium. I will not crib that there were no dustbins placed outside stadium for entire walk of 5 Km. I will not complain that there were lots of garb outside eating joints and not properly managed. i will rather share my happy moment inside the stadium.

I did not anticipated about huge crowd and long walk so I reached 20 min late inside stadium from schedule time 5.30 pm. While I was passing through 2-3 layers of security check (lost Rs. 6 worth coin as coins were not allowed inside stadium :P ), there were huge roar coming out from stadium. At that time, I just wanted to get inside and was angry on police men for such tight security (though it was necessary and police were quite cooperative) . Finally I reached inside !!!!!!!!

Stadium - What a beauty !!! Huge, Lovely, Awsome, Fantabulous ............ by 7 o clock stadium was packed and only sad part that VIP and high price ticket galaries were not fully occupied. but nevetheless, for a capacity of 60,000 crowd and if 50,000 spectators were there to watch athletics. It was great for CWG, despite not many people know the rules of events like high jump, discus throw, long jump, etc etc.
Simultaneously, many events were going on... apart from various kind of race, there were high jump (women), Long jump (women) and Men's discuss throw !!! Luckily in all three non-racing events, Indian players were participating. Whenever an Indian player came to do his bit, Sound of cheer for the player probably could be heard well outside the stadium. The atmosphere was not electrifying throughout but whenever Indian palyers came into the scene it was not less than a cricket match.

About stadium infra, I first time saw a camera mounted on rail track covering the running events. there was a small robot car, ferrying the disc of discus throw. there was one camera hanging on a rope and shotting from top of the stadium. Two giant screen were showing miniature details of sports... the green grass and light red color track was kind of ' "Sone pe Suhaga" ...Only missing items were that there were no DJ, no Drums, no loud music ... at the end of day, India got two silvers in athletics one in discus throw by Vikas gowda and one in women's long jump. there was one Indian girl who competed in 800 m race (heat round 3), the crowd appreciated her most as from the first step, she maintained her lead till the end of 800 meter and made her entry into finals of that event.

Good things about spectators that they stood up whenever there was anthem song of gold medal winning country's were played. My friend Rahul's father still have the tickets of Asiad games held in delhi, I am also going to preserve my ticket !!!

While coming out of stadium, I was saying to Rahul that India has won mostly medals in those events which you can related with fight (ladai-jhagda) like shooting, boxing, wrestling than Rahul said what Gandhiji might be thinking that he wanted our country as peace loving country and we are winning medal in events which you can't relate with peace and we laughed !!! Never mind, as these are just games and good to see that Indian sports person are getting recognition otherwise except cricket you dont know the name of sports persons.

I could not get hockey match's ticket but watched last 7-8 min match outside the stadium on giant screen and when final whistle blown, huge cheer for India !!!!


  1. thanks a lot for giving chance to read such a thing(awesome like CWG)

  2. totally agreed with prashant! wish i was in Delhi to watch the spectacle!

  3. awesome!! gud u watched a spectacular event... updload more photos if dere

  4. It's Brilliant post and also image. I liked it.

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